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To paraphrase one successful author (Melissa Foster): Write the story (1st draft); then write the book (2nd draft); then take a bulldozer to it (3rd+ drafts/edits); then tweak the book until you achieve a final manuscript. Your book needs professional editing and design, inside and out. Do all this while setting up the marketing plan including website, social media and more. Many new authors, while experts on their subject matter, could use help from those who have been down the publishing path before. Book Coaches save time and money by accelerating the learning curve of book publishing. They provide perspective and can often guide you efficiently toward success.

Bobbi Linkemer & Co.
Book Coach – Editor – Ghostwriter


The Invisible Presence Behind Your Book

As the consummate educator and author, Bobbi Linkemer’s passion for helping authors has brought a depth of experience to her consulting practice in three primary areas: Coaching, Editing, and Ghostwriting. Hire her separately in one or more areas of her expertise.

Book Coach
Bobbi Linkemer guides you through every step of planning, writing, publishing, and promoting your nonfiction book, from defining your book concept to reaching your target readers.


Bobbi provides any or all of the following levels of book editing:

  • Developmental Editor -- helping you plan each stage of production and clarify and organize your message

  • Content Editor -- looking at the big picture, structure, flow, consistency, coherence, and completeness

  • Style Editor -- correcting grammar, punctuation, typos, and sentence structure

Bobbi has a special knack for crawling inside your head, understanding what you want to say, and speaking in your voice. She helps you translate your feelings into the written word and organizes a complex message into a coherent manuscript.
Bobbi Linkemer
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St. Louis, MO 63144
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