It’s All in the Cards –
A woman’s guide to love and success

Author: Lauren Taylor
Publisher: Swamp Irish Books
eISBN: (ePub) 978-62217-818-6; eISBN (MOBI) 978-62217-819-3;
ISBN (Print-CS) 978-162217-817-9
Price: $8.99 ebook / $10.99 Print
Page Count/Binding: 191 pages, Perfect Bound (Paperback)
Available through: Amazon, all ebook formats, Create Space

Book Description
EJ feels a spiritual need for guidance so she tries tarot cards. With her best friend Janet, a freaked out practicing protestant, they encounter comedic trials and tribulations due to wrong card interpretations. EJ discovers lost love, John Markham, but is confused by the manipulations of her boss Bob Thompson. Janet is keeping her ‘fingers’ crossed’ that EJ will wake up to what is happening.

Author Bio
Lauren Taylor is the “nom de plume" of the author, a Texan who has resided in St. Louis for almost 30 years. Lauren’s Texas culture is on full display in her comedy about relationships and life’s choices.

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