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A good editor is one of the most important people you can choose to work on your project. They will work closely with you, so you should feel comfortable in the working relationship. Editors generally specialize in certain genres, so ask around if you need help connecting with the editor that's right for you. (And no matter who edits your book, be sure to hire a good proofreader, too!) The editors listed here are members of SLPA. They do attend our meetings when their schedules permit. Feel free to contact them directly any time to discuss your project. They will be happy to answer questions or provide an estimate.


Andrew Doty, Editwright

Andrew Doty

Andrew Doty began publishing at the age of 16, then earned a degree in creative writing before pursuing a career as an editor of many genres. He provides comprehensive editorial services, including developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, and 
proofreading, to independent authors, small publishers, and professional companies. 

Additionally, Andrew provides quick and easy manuscript evaluations for writers interested in a review of their manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, tips for improving and revising their manuscript, and suggestions for next steps, including a list of recommended target publications and agents.

Andrew's editing record includes both bestselling books and celebrity authors. Visit Editwright.com for Andrew's blog, portfolio, author feedback, and more!

Beeson Editing Services, LLC

I am familiar with a variety of genres including mystery, paranormal romance, sci-fi, self-help, coaching, fiction, and nonfiction works. I not only provide spelling, format, sequence, and grammatical corrections, but I also take time to meet with you to discuss your vision for the story. This is so that I can keep your writing style, story purpose, and goals in mind while I work with you to create a final product that not only fits what YOU want it to be, but one that your readers will enjoy as well.

Website Address: 

Contact Name: Jessica Beeson

Phone: 314-620-9195

Email:  jbeeson@beesonediting.com

Although she has called herself Comma Queen since she began working as an editor in 1998, Karen L. Tucker decided a couple of years ago that everyone else should call her Comma Queen as well. Since then, she has been building a client base, providing content and copy editing services for businesses, authors, and publishers. Karen has worked on technical and educational material for computer networking and medical professionals along with motivational books by self-publishing authors. She is excited to be expanding her repertoire to memoirs and novels. Her number one priority is to let the author’s voice shine through. From collaborating with the author on major structural changes to providing a thorough copy edit, the Comma Queen lends credibility and professionalism to any writing while maintaining an author’s unique voice, style, and point of view.

Visit CommaQueenEditing.com for specifics on services provided, rates, and testimonials.

Contact Karen L. Tucker

House Springs, MO


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